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Our team supports entrepreneurs selling goods and services on the Internet. We provide comprehensive assistance for, regardless of company size, sector or legal form. The portfolio of our clients consist of entities already operating on the e-commerce market as well as companies entering this market, for which online sales of goods and services is a new distribution channel.


We secure our customers’ business activities and minimize the risk, so that they could safely focus on the development of their business. We adapt legal solutions to the specific business model of the companies’ operations, preferences and target groups for their products or services.


Our support for enterpreneurs from the e-commerce industry includes:
• comprehensive advice on the creation of legal structures for the provision of on-line services;
• legal audit of the business, which includes revision of statutes, regulations and general conditions of service provision;
• drafting and reviewing contracts, agreements and other documentation required for the provision of services via the Internet, including agreements with subcontractors;
• drawing up online store regulations and privacy policies;
• drawing up complete documentation required for online sales (including preparation of order forms, withdrawal forms, complaint forms);
• preparing complaint procedures and other required documentation related to those procedures;
• developing the warranty conditions that respect the rights of the recipient of goods and services;
• preparing product returns policies;
• advising on the legal aspects of online marketing, including target-marketing;
• advising on implementation of loyalty and partnerships programmes for consumers;
• drawing up and reviewing cookies policies;
• advising on development of the legal structures of on-line payments;
• support in meeting the requirements for presentation of goods and services;
• advising on preparation and implemetation of advertising agreements;
• providing legal advice in the field of consumer protection, data protection, consumer sales, distance contracts and contracts concluded away from business premises;
• support in the area of the protection of financial and personal copyrights on the Internet.


Our team also provides the following services aimed at protecting our clients against sanctions imposed by state authorities in the field of competition and consumer protection:
• taking protection measures against unfair competition (eg. illegal use of pictures or descriptions of goods, etc.);

• analyzing advertising campaings and other marketing campaings in terms of their compliance with the law, in particular competition law and consumer protection law (eg. in order to avoid accusation of misleading advertising practices);
• Constant monitoring and informing about changes in the regulations relevant for our clients business activities;

• development of litigation tactics and representing enterpreneurs in disputes with consumers, contractors and government agencies (eg. The President of the OCCP, the President of UKE).