rybicki przemekPRZEMYSŁAW RYBICKI, attorney-at-law

antitrust · customer protection · disputes

Specialises in competition law and consumer law. Advises entrepreneurs on conducting their affairs in the field of Polish and European competition and consumer protection law, including cases relating to enterprise concentration control, competition-restricting agreements and abuse of dominant position. Participates in assessment and introduction of distribution policies and assessment of compliance of rules and regulations and agreement models with consumer law.

Has over nine years of experience in competition and consumer protection law, which began with a position in the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. Represents clients in proceedings before both administrative bodies (e.g. the President of the OCCP) and courts. Has advised clients from the sectors of FMCG, chemicals, energy, financial services, books and multimedia, telecommunications, retail and wholesale trade and Internet sales.

Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw and the British and European Law Centre organised by the University of Warsaw in collaboration with the University of Cambridge. Studied also at the Faculty of Law at the Cardiff University. Member of the Competition Law Association and the Warsaw Bar Association for Attorneys-at-law.

Selected projects:

• preparing merger notifications for undertakings from sectors such as e.g. chemicals, energy, mining, healthcare and telecommunications;
• representing clients in proceedings before the President of the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, and in appeal proceedings against decisions of competition authorities;
• representing clients during antitrust investigations conducted at the undertakings’ premises;
• supervising the operation of a selective distribution system for a car manufacturer;
• verification of distribution systems for dominant undertakings from various industries;
• reviewing and correcting advertising campaigns, regulations and other contract templates addressed to consumers;
• preparing due diligence reports and share purchase agreements (SPAs) for undertakings from sectors such as construction, healthcare and telecommunications.