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If you are creating a new sign or logo and wish to protect it as a registered trademark, you can do it in a number of ways depending on your objectives. We will advise you on the scope and territory to choose so as to ensure a wide spectrum of protection, and at the same time avoid charges of non-use. We will represent you before the selected patent office and monitor all deadlines and payments relating to your mark.

Industrial designs

This is a form of design protection available to all sectors. We collaborate with renowned designers and protect modern design. We advise on how to benefit from the longest-lasting and efficient forms of protection.

Monitoring infringements

Having registered a trademark, you want to protect it against copying. To this end, we search the databases of patent offices. We check whether other entities with similar businesses are not attempting to register a similar mark, and if so – we take action. Since we know the portfolios of our clients’ marks by heart, even while shopping in our free time we take photos of similar marks, which we then send to our clients..

Managing trademark portfolios

If you have a substantial portfolio of trademarks, we will help you manage it. To this end, we have created innovative software – the Trademarker. This application, available online 24/7, will help you easily search for particular trademarks or check coverage on selected territories. You can download attachments, including protection certificates. You will be notified of an approaching deadline. Moreover, you can view your marks on the world map, which can make an impressive tool at board or investor meetings.


Awareness of copyright and of having to protect one’s image is important, particularly today, when works are so easily accessible. We will tell you how you can lawfully use musical pieces, photographs, movie fragments, song lyrics and memes. We give proper regard to copyright when drafting IT and license agreements, and those involving new technologies.


If you own registered trademarks, you can protect your products. A firm stance against any attempts to market imitations of your products will enhance your brand image. There is a procedure which allows fake goods to be seized at the border. We collaborate with Customs Chambers, incineration plants and also detectives, who inform us of suspicious products. We instigate appropriate civil-law or criminal procedures against the “perpetrators”.

Selected projects:

We have represented undertakings in court disputes involving trademark, business name and industrial design infringements.

We have caused a trademark to be declared invalid and managed to prove the reputation of our client’s earlier trademark before the Polish Patent Office.

We have represented an artist against online platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress due to her works being used without her consent.