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Management Board 

We will develop training that will meet the needs of the participants regardless of their position in the corporate hierarchy. In creating a workshop program, we always take into account sector-specific problems and the level of responsibility that is assigned depending on the competences.

At the client’s site 

We are eager to train entrepreneurs and their employees in their every-day working environment. Together with a wide range of examples and knowledge, we bring a package of training materials for each participant.


We have created a software tool (Quizzer) which through an analysis of real case studies enables us to help others deepen their knowledge in multiple areas. The training is concluded with a test, with certificates given out to those who pass it.

Selected projects:

TraTraining on dawn raids carried out by the President of the UOKiK

A two-day comprehensive training in the organisation of promotional lotteries, with participants obtaining upon completion certificates enabling them to conduct promotional lotteries on their own

Online Sales – how to build a business model that complies with competition and consumer protection law

Competitions and Lotteries – legal aspects of marketing

SMS competitions and lotteries and their consumer-related aspects