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Ongoing legal advice for companies

We can register a company or partnership, represent shareholders at an AGM or EGM, draft resolutions and register amendments with the National Court Register.


We provide support in negotiations of all kinds, from commercial agreements to employment disputes, or shareholder disputes.

Shareholder disputes 

We will develop the proper tactics, suggest optimal scenarios, undertake negotiations with the remaining shareholders and draft the contents of a settlement, while at the same time ensuring the completion of all formalities entailed in its implementation. In case of a dispute we will represent a shareholder in court proceedings.


We can draft all kinds of commercial agreements, which take into account the requirements of competition law, industrial property law and the GDPR. In particular we recommend our services as regards:

  • distribution agreements, including franchise agreements;
  • exclusive and selective distribution agreements;
  • agency agreements;
  • standard form consumer agreements;
  • copyright and industrial property right assignment agreements, including technology transfer agreements.

Employment law 

We provide advice with respect to entering into and terminating employment. We will help draft employee documentation, including mandatory internal regulations, as well as data processing and trade secret protection documentation. We draft non-compete agreements. We participate in employment disputes representing both employers and employees.

Liability of collective entities

We will assess the level of risk of criminal liability of an undertaking, carry out an audit to detect possible violations, verify the procedures in force, implement necessary changes, including those relating to whistle-blowers and their protection, implement risk-minimising rules and train your staff respectively.

Selected projects:

We have pleaded cases involving mobbing and employee discrimination.

We carry out annual audits of agreements with distributors for a leading car manufacturer and importer.

We have set up companies and partnerships, which included the preparation of all necessary legal documentation.