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DPO Services 

Some undertakings are required to appoint a data protection officer. Many should implement such function. In collaboration with a trusted and experienced IT team we offer DPO services. It involves legal and IT auditing, safeguards tightness checks, answering questions from data subjects. This way, our clients can focus on what is really important – running their business.

GDPR implementation 

Contrary to appearances, this does not only involve drafting appropriate documentation, but also – or perhaps above all – analysing the data processing-related risks related to your business and training those who have access to personal data. Each situation is different as each undertaking is different. For this reason, we do not recommend using ready-made templates. We will help you by adjusting legal solutions to the specific nature and scale of your business.

Privacy policy 

When operating a website (who does not run one these days?) one has to inform its users about how their data left on the website will be used. We are well aware that not everyone is IT-savvy and knows how cookies work, or on what servers their clients’ data circulate. We will sit down with your IT team and together draft reliable information notices for your customers.


Where people are involved, errors will occur. However, in case of a data breach, such an error may cost you a lot. Only a swift response and proper conduct can mitigate or even prevent penalties. Should a data breach occur in your organisation, we will assist you in the proceedings before the regulator and represent you vis-a-vis those injured by the breach.

Internal procedures

Current regulations do not require that businesses implement any specific documents relating to personal data protection. Nevertheless, rather than getting rid of old security polices, we recommend using them to develop new procedures that are staff-friendly and tell your employees what to do when e.g. their company mobile phone drops into a toilet or gets stolen. Certain procedures are of paramount importance in view of the potential financial liability.

Selected projects:

We carried out GDPR implementations for entities from a variety of sectors, including a car manufacturer and importer, a printing house, a search engine optimisation company, and a postal operator.

We have conducted a GDPR revolution for a car manufacturer and importer.

We insert data protection clauses in various kinds of B2B agreements.