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We have considerable experience in such cases, including in particular ultra vires acts, mismanagement, breach of non-compete clauses, disclosure of trade secrets, and misappropriation.

Breaches of non-compete clauses 

We will analyse the issue from the perspective of both the undertaking and the employee. We will develop an action plan and take you through the entire process.

Disclosure of trade secrets 

Information sharing, disclosure of confidential documents or using the trade secret of another in one’s own business activity – we will indicate possible courses of action in each case.

Selected projects:

We represented aggrieved companies in preparatory proceedings in matters concerning the disclosure of trade secrets and criminal mismanagement by former managers.

We represented a former member of the board of directors and shareholder of a company by providing defense against allegations of acting to the detriment of the company and the misappropriation of its funds.

We represented an aggrieved company in preparatory proceedings and in court proceedings as a subsidiary prosecutor in a case concerning an attempt to extort a cash bonus on the basis of forged employee documentation and falsified e-mails.