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Our firm Affre i Wspólnicy is made up of a team of experienced lawyers. Our main areas of expertise are competition law, including antitrust law, combating unfair competition, consumer law, and industrial property law.

We help businesses develop their distribution policies. We train them in preventing anti-competitive agreements and abuses of a dominant position. We ensure compliance of contracts and terms and conditions with consumer law, and evaluate whether business activities do not breach unfair competition rules, particularly with regard to reputation protection, advertising law, trade secret protection, slotting fees and market entry barriers.

Some of the sectores our clients come from include: FMCG, chemicals, IT, food, textiles, construction, media and advertising.

Our expertise and long experience allow us to minimise the legal risks for our clients and recommend the most favourable solutions. We help both small and large undertakings to build and develop their businesses safely.