Joanna AffreJOANNA AFFRE, advocate, managing partner

antitrust · unfair competition · customer protection · disputes

For over 18 years she has been specialising in the competition law in the wide sense.

She advises clients from the FMCG, food, automotive, chemical and construction industries, as well as the sectors of banking, media and advertising, in the fields of shaping distribution policy, counteracting anti-competition agreements and abuse of the dominant position, mergers and acquisitions, consumer rights and combating unfair competition. To these ends, she conducts audits and trainings for entrepreneurs, as well as represents clients in proceedings before the President of the OCCP and courts.

Graduate of the University of Wrocław and postgraduate in political sciences (IEP, Strasbourg, France), EU community law (Lyon III, France) and competition law (King’s College, London, United Kingdom).

Member of the International Competition Network.

Selected projects:

  • providing ongoing advisory services to a car manufacturer and importer in the field of functioning of selective distribution network;
  • peveloping a franchise distribution system for a leading FMCG distributor;
  • drawing up a model of distribution agreement for a leading fertiliser producer;
  • drawing up a model of cooperation agreement for a FMCG retail distributor;
  • providing ongoing consulting in the area of developing distribution policy for entrepreneurs from the DIY sector;
  • representing a leading FMCG retail distributor in disputes concerning the so-called slotting allowances before common courts and the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce;
  • representing a leading FMCG producer in a dispute with a consumer association concerning compensation for misleading consumers;
  • representing a leading children’s clothing manufacturer in disputes concerning abusive clauses before the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection;
  • legal counselling in the field of Internet sales for FMCG entrepreneurs;
  • representing clients from the furniture and FMCG industries in proceedings conducted by the President of OCCP and concerning matters such as merger control, infringement of collective interests of consumers and competition-restricting agreements;
  • representing an owner of a shopping centre in a dispute concerning insurance payment;
  • representing entrepreneurs from construction and FMCG sectors in labour law disputes;
  • providing ongoing advisory services to an importer of construction equipment in the field of employment restructuring and policy, as well as relations with employees;
  • representing entrepreneurs and natural persons in disputes concerning infringement of personal goods, i.a. in press articles.